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November 23, 2022

Khmelnytskyi Energy Cluster at COP27

СОР27 (Conference of Parties) is a meeting of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change parties. Every year, member states of the UN meet to agree on what actions should countries take to reduce the impact of climate change. This year, the meeting took place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, from November 6 to 20.


The representative of the Khmelnytskyi Energy Cluster, Svitlana Karytun, participated in this year's COP as an observer from the public sector and prepared informational digests for the Ukrainian Climate Network, which every year follows the event and publish digest for the Ukrainian community.

SOR27 was special this year for Ukraine because for the first time our country had its own pavilion for holding events. Representatives of UNITED24 worked on the creation of the pavilion, which brought certain symbolism to it. The pavilion was created in the shape of an explosion funnel to draw the world's attention to the ongoing war in Ukraine, which is one of the factors that influence climate change. The funnel is not

only about the horrors of war, but also about the potential of the Ukrainian land. The central place in the “funnel” consists of Ukrainian soil, which is collected from all corners of Ukraine. Specially designed cubes, which are made from recycled materials, contain 16 types of soils.


In general, the pavilion symbolizes our struggle for the future, because despite the war, we continue to implement initiatives and develop new ones in the climate direction.

With the help of interactive screens, visitors learned about how the war with Russia affects our ecosystem, what the Ukrainian land looks like after the shelling, in addition, with the help of VR glasses there was an ability to delve into the Ukrainian reality during the war, and visitors could also "decarbonize" one of screens and learn about Ukraine's climate plans.

The most important result of COP27 was the decision to create a Fund for Financing Losses and Damages from climate change, but it is currently unknown which countries will fill it and which will have access to financing. You can learn more about the results of SOR27 on the website of the Ukrainian Climate Network, as well as looking through the analytical review of the results "COP27: One step Forward or Two Steps Back?"

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