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November 28, 2022

How to Hold Energy Front in Khmelnytskyi


This Saturday, November 26, the residents of the city joined the event "Winter 2022/23: energy efficiency". In the "Gufi-Center", our team presented how to be energy efficient during the russian-Ukrainian war, and how to survive this winter warmly and safely.


The Executive Director and the speaker of the event, Artur Kokarevych, noted that the first priority is to have a plan and be ready for various scenarios. After all, there is no universal approach, we are all unique and so are our homes. In addition, you need to understand what budget you are ready to allocate for your energy security.

One of the recommendations is to prepare a "suitcase" that will

always be at home. In this "suitcase" you should put: a flashlight, charged power banks or batteries, a radio that works without electricity, water and food that can be stored without a refrigerator, medicine, as well as warm clothes and blankets. The speaker also talked about the safe use of generators, car preparation, and alternative energy sources.

Also, we presented a documentary short film "Energy Front of Ukraine", which is available here:

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