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Public Air Quality Monitoring in Khmelnytskyi


As part of the "Civic Initiatives" competition, representatives of the Khmelnytskyi Energy Cluster and the Department of Ecology and Landscaping Control prepared the project "Public Air Quality Monitoring in Khmelnytskyi", which received funding from the city budget.

As a result, eight devices for measuring air quality were purchased and installed in Khmelnytskyi. They measure carbon monoxide, particulate matter (dust) PM2.5 and PM10, nitrogen oxide, ammonium/ammonia ions, formaldehyde, temperature, humidity, pressure. The installed devices are located in different districts of the city. Thanks to this initiative, residents of Khmelnytskyi can understand the level of air quality in the city and quickly react to dangerous changes. All data from the devices are freely available, in particular on the website:

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