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November 30, 2023

Helsinki Civil Society Award

photo_2023-11-29 17.22.50.jpeg
photo_2023-11-29 17.22.12.jpeg

Another victory of joint efforts! Our project "Municipal Energy Management School of Teofipol Community" achieved the "Civil Society Award".

For 6 months, we worked on the implementation of this project in the Teofipol community, directing efforts to increase energy efficiency and involving the community in this important topic.

We thank all representatives of the Teofipol Council for their active support and cooperation in the implementation of the project! Our joint work was reflected in winning the "Civil Society Award".
The purpose of the award for civil society campaigns is to recognize and celebrate the outstanding contribution of sub-grantees to the promotion of the values and goals of their organization during the implementation of individual projects within the initiative "Community Voice and Impact on Reforms". We sincerely thank the Netherlands Helsinki Committee for supporting our idea and the great opportunity to promote it among communities.

The representatives of three more organizations from Ukraine took part in the final. The presentations and awarding took place during the final event in Chisinau. This event became an excellent platform for exchanging contacts, experiences, and best practices for all grantees of the project.

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