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School of Municipal Energy Management of Teofipol Community


For 6 months, Khmelnytskyi Energy Cluster implemented the project "School of municipal energy management of Teofipol Community". Such initiatives are extremely necessary, especially for small and middle communities, where financial resources are usually limited, and the costs of communal services constitute a significant part of local budget expenditures. The aim of this project is to establish the energy management system and comprehensive work of the Teofipol community in this direction.


The deliverables of the project:
- The principles of energy policy are formed in Teofipol Town Council
- There is a new position in the community - a person responsible for energy management 
- An analysis of communal facilities that are on the balance of the Teofipol community was carried out and the level of energy consumption by them was determined. Also, the monitoring base was created
- 3 modular trainings related to the organization and construction of energy management in the community, the "Agreement of Mayors" initiative, and energy audit (practical part) were held for council workers, representatives of the communal sector, community educators were organized
- An additional training module was conducted, which related to waste management, and work with youth
- Teofipol Community developed a draft decision on joining the "Agreement of Mayors" initiative, which will be adopted after the implementation of the project

- The other communities of the Khmelnytskyi region (for instance, Shepetivks Community) are interested in energy management which was implemented in the example of the Teofipol Community

- On May 25, a Memorandum of Cooperation was concluded between the Khmelnytskyi Energy Cluster and the Teofipol Town Council, which is about the parties' intentions for further joint work in combating climate change, implementing energy saving, etc.

We want to thank the European Union and the Netherlands Helsinki Committee, the Teofipol Community, the head of the community Mykhailo Tenenev, the "Local Development Agency" of the Teofipol Community, and the speakers who participated in the training for their help in implementing the project.


* This publication was created within the framework of the project "Community Voice and Influence on Reforms", implemented under the financial support of the European Union. Its content is solely the responsibility of the NGO "Khmelnytskyi Energy Cluster" and does not necessarily reflect the point of view of the European Union and the Netherlands Helsinki Committee.

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